Copy Cat C.C. Beanie… Brim to Body

In my last blog post I talked about the challenges that presented themselves throughout this project. I have had to practice the twisted ribbing a lot to get it right. When I found that I had missed a stitch or 10, instead of starting all over again, I was able to reinsert my knitting needles into all the stitches to continue where the first missing stitch was. Which was a huge relief because I was almost finished with the brim.

Missed a stitch!!!

The next step is to close the brim. Fold the beginning of the brim to the inside, then connect your cast on stitches to your current stitches. Knit the cast on and current stitches together for the round. I tucked in the tail from the cast on stitches and closed the brim. Next, I knit for another round.

Knit the brim together to close.
After finishing the brim, the pattern says to knit the next round. This photo includes the knit round.

For the next 6 rounds, you do the purl stitch. This is where I noticed that I was going much faster than before. Then, once again, I began missing stitches. So I would pull out 2 or 3 rounds of stitches to correct my mistakes. After that, I didn’t miss anymore and I continued to knit 2 rounds once the 6 rounds of purl stitches were finished.

Purl for 6 rounds.

After the 2 knit rounds, you continue with 4 rounds of the 1×1 ribbing, NOT the twisted 1×1 ribbing, then knit 2 more rounds. The pattern says to repeat this part for a total of 3 times. So once the brim and knit round are done, you purl for 6 rounds, knit 2 rounds, 1×1 ribbing for 4 rounds, knit 2 rounds.

Knit for 2 rounds, then knit one purl one (1×1 ribbing) for 4 rounds.

Here is where I am with this project now. It is starting to move faster which is awesome! Especially when you’re not missing stitches! Once this practice hat is finished, I’ll do the final project with Red Heart Amore, color Peaceful.

Knit for next 2 rounds. Purl for next 6 rounds and knit for the next 2 rounds.

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