Ok, so I know I typically talk about crochet and anything related, but tonight I want to touch base on something that happens to a lot of people. Parenthood. It is a hard job, right? There are books on how to parent, but no book is comparable to experience. Whether you’re a mother, father, or stepparent, you strive to give your kids everything you can. Some days you feel like the best parent in the world when your kids behave like they should, are respecting their elders, or making good grades in school. Other days you want to pull their hair out because they’re mouthing off, leaving your house in a chaos, and just being something comparable to a demon. Maybe not that extreme, but in some cases, yes.

Today, I felt like my daughter and I had a good day. She got to miss school for a doctor appointment (she’s in good health, yay!), we went out for lunch, ran some errands, and then we picked up my stepson and stepdaughter from school. Then we went home, everybody finished their homework except for one and they started playing Fortnite. Other than typical sibling arguing, things were going smoothly. I got dinner fixed, and now I am writing this post as my daughter is having her photo taken for basketball.

There are so many situations your kids can get involved with and a lot of parents had no clue what was going on until it’s too late. Right now, all the kids, even my stepkids talk to my husband and I about issues they may be having at school or where ever. They confess to things they knew they shouldn’t have done. When that happens, depending on what it is I don’t normally punish them for telling me the truth. They do get a strong lecture that involves a story that relates to the situation and reasons why what they did or said was wrong. We give them tips on how to make a situation better or end. We don’t want to negatively criticize them or judge them because we don’t want them to shut down.

Communication is the key to any type of relationship. Kids don’t want to tell parents about their problems because they’re afraid of being judged, fussed at, they may get in trouble, afraid of disappointing their parents, etc. My oldest has told me she likes talking to us because we don’t judge her, we talk to her like a person and we ask questions to help guide them to the answer. My husband is better at talking to them than I am, but I learn from all of them everyday. You are an example to them. When they’re small, they look up to you and think you don’t make mistakes. I think it is important for them to know that we do make mistakes everyday. We get it wrong sometimes and that’s ok. Apologize to your kids if you find that you are wrong. Don’t let them talk back, but don’t constantly silence them to where they don’t feel like they’re important. That’s when they shut you down when you finally seem interested in what they have to say.

What is your parenting style? Are there things you think you can improve on? Do you have any advice for me after reading this post?

I hope you all are having a great week! Until next time……..


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