Assert Yourself

Wearing 1.5 Hour Beanie, Project Source:

Looking around online, there are a lot of awesome things being created by people from all over the world. Sometimes I feel like all I do is look at a screen. Then I read this article and realized that I have been researching this whole time. Which is a really cool feeling when you feel like you have no clue what you’re doing. I’ve had questions like, “Will people follow my profile? Should I comment about something when I see a post and have the urge to? I don’t want to sound stupid.” The articles says we should support fellows bloggers and small businesses by subscribing to their lists, sharing their content on all of your social platforms, checking out all of their social platforms, and reading their captions and commenting on their posts.

Sometimes being personable can be difficult. We don’t want to deal with rejection and harsh criticism. People can be very hurtful and hateful. Treat others the way you want to be treated, right? So anyway, I don’t have an email list to subscribe to, but I’ve started subscribing to people that have started following me. I hope it helps them even if it is in a small way. Who knows, maybe I’ll find something I’ll need to use myself! I’ve already seen handmade wooden crochet hooks by @knitbrooks My friends and family have always called me a hippie because of my style. I like clothes and accessories that reflect nature. Even my engagement ring and wedding band look like branches and the stone is a raw uncut diamond. Traditional things haven’t always suited me. That is why I am drawn to these hooks!

Getting back on track now….I apologize 🙂

Suggesting to check out all platforms and share their content on your social platforms tells me that I need to stop posting every one of my blog posts on my social platforms. Otherwise, there will be nothing worth exploring since you will have already seen the content on my Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter, Ravelry, and Pinterest.

This post is titled “Assert Yourself” because that is what I need to work on. Being more confident in myself and what I want to accomplish. Not being afraid to speak my opinion on anything from stating what I believe in to giving suggestions on what people want to know. I worry about stepping on toes, but the truth is, if I act in a positive and encouraging manner, then I won’t step on toes. This is where reading post captions and commenting on posts. I read the captions anyway because the photo may have nothing to do with the caption and some of those end up being funny stories or informational posts. This is definitely something worth doing.

I found this articles to be very helpful and educational. I have a little more understanding of how to help others grow as well as myself.


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