The Bottle Coaster Story

Almost finished completing this Bottle Coaster for the written crochet pattern. Sold in my Etsy Shop,

The Bottle Coaster is my first design. It all started in 2018, I had decided that instead of buying Christmas gifts for everyone, I would make them. We have quite the blended family. My husband and I both have stepparents, step-kids, step-everything! So it is pretty much double to triple as far as spending money.

I made dish clothes, coasters, and hats. When I was working on the coasters, suddenly a light bulb came on and I was crocheting a new design. It felt like what happens when you come out of writer’s block. When I saw what I was stitching wasn’t working, I’d pull it apart and start again. This went on for a few hours and I finally got the finish I wanted.

This design is called the Bottle Coaster for obvious reasons. It is small enough to fit a plastic or glass bottle. It is made of cotton for absorption. It’s small because bottle are typically a smaller diameter. I read somewhere that the best yarns to use for absorption are cotton and wool. So I will try this pattern out with wool soon. Currently, I am making a variety of colors with cotton. Check out my Etsy shop for the pattern or to see the product itself!

By the way, I received great reviews from the family about their gifts. It truly was a joy to watch them open their gifts and not see disappointment or gloom on their faces!


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